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Cloudwords is an American software company based in San Francisco, California, specializing in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology. They improve the speed, scalability, and success of your multilingual marketing activities through automated workflows. Customers can automate and manage their translation process to create more global assets with scale and faster go-to-market time
Reduced additional Cloud infrastructure costs and expenses without affecting overall functionality.
Reduced production release time from months to a couple of weeks
Streamlined delivery processes by implementing Agile scrum
TO THE NEW provided technical solutions to Cloudwords for enabling their customers to create a website that users can interact with, in their preferred language, which in turn enhances user experience and engagement significantly.
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Develop OTT
To scale the Cloud resources across 200+ reviewers, double-digit number of authors
Seamless integration of cloudwords platform with third-party systems like AEM, Salesforce & WordPress.
Automate the process of calculating time and cost associated with each project
TO THE NEW redesigned the entire application and AWS Cloud infrastructure according to the set standards to help them optimize their Cloud resources.
Agile-based application development with 24X7 production & DevOps support
Made use of AWS features to adjust the server capacity when there was a spike in the site traffic and shutdown the infrastructure when not in use
Automated testing framework for identifying any functional defects.
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW made use of multiple AWS functions and services to deliver the best in class cloud-based marketing globalization platform.

Reduced Cloud infrastructure downtime to less than 0.05 %

Improved the go-to-market time