USA | Consumer Internet, E-commerce
Cooler Screens is the world’s largest in-store digital retail media and merchandising platform. It provides captivating and immersive experiences for shoppers to deliver flawless product displays and real-time pricing at the point of sale.
Regular auditing screens for improved accuracy of digital content
Ensured overall product health and provided quick resolution to issues
Faster identification and resolution of software and hardware issues
TO THE NEW helped Cooler Screens to achieve higher AI performance and consumer experience with minimized compliance, software, and hardware issues.
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digital coolers
To detect & fix hardware & software issues in their digital coolers
digital experience
To enhance & optimize the digital experience for the users
Quick Resolution
To ensure overall product health and provide a quick resolution to issues
The Solution
TO THE NEW developed a dedicated product support function to detect and fix hardware & software bugs and to train AI, the underlying framework of the digital screens.
identification and resolution
Produced faster identification and resolution of software and hardware issues
health checks
Implemented regular health checks to assess the actual condition of the digital screens
Robotic Automation
Audited the performance of AI’s detection and rectify it manually
Improved efficiency by keeping track of low efficient doors
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW successfully implemented a support function for Cooler Screens and empowered them to detect & fix hardware & software issues in their digital coolers.

Performed regular peripheral review to identify faulty devices in the digital screens

Ensured 24x7 manual managed of the screens with hardware issues to maintain accuracy

Streamlined content accuracy on different websites

Performed health check of digital screens, improving the overall performance