India | Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Delhivery is one of the largest logistics service providers, operating in over 1,200 cities in India. Since its inception in 2011, Delhivery has successfully fulfilled over 1Bn orders across India.
Actionable data points were siphoned out of the heaps of unstructured data
All dashboards are customizable at runtime and deliver desired insights
Customers were able to receive their packages quicker with enhanced visibility on the shipment
TO THE NEW developed different dashboards to visualize large datasets and pull maximum actionable insights that can be leveraged to make the complete delivery process more seamless, efficient and, cost-effective.
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multiple platforms
To provide customers with enhanced speed and visibility of shipment
digital technology
To consume, analyze and take out meaningful insights hidden in the data
The Solution
TO THE NEW chose Tableau to create various dashboards to quickly combine, clean and, shape data to generate meaningful insights.
Trace all the parameters that get tracked/punched during the end-to-end journey of a package.
Dashboards are customizable at runtime and deliver desired insights in an efficient and quick turnaround time.
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW was successful in squeezing out relevant insightful insights from the huge amount of data to improve shipping performance using Tableau for Delhivery.

Improved the shipment performance drastically by utilizing actionable points from the data

Insightful data representation upfront to management teams helped speed up decision-making process