Gigamon is a global cloud data & analytics service company. It was the first company to deliver unified network visibility and analytics on all data-in-transit, from raw packets to apps, across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.
Successfully removed bot/fake clicks to identify quality leads
The three-system approach removed many junk leads from the MQL bucket
Program Performance Reports helped sales reps to utilize their time on quality leads
TO THE NEW engaged with Gigamon to improve the lead lifecycle management on their marketing automation platform - Marketo.
New call-to-action
multiple platforms
To identify fake/bot clicks and remove them
digital technology
To improve Gigamon’s MQL performance
digital technology
To deploy a double-layered lead score verification system
The Solution
TO THE NEW team built sophisticated mechanisms on Marketo to get a better view of high-quality MQLs.
Introduced a new HTML layer with Javascript code to honeytrap bot clicks and remove them from actual countable click numbers in Email Programs
Built a double-layer flow structure to score and mark CTA clicks of only those who click on the link and visit the corresponding web page
New call-to-action
Value Delivered
TO THE NEW improved the lead cycle management for Gigamon on Marketo.

Increased the number of quality leads by removing all the fake/bot clicks

The qualitative lead scoring approach led to a healthier sales funnel