India | Interior Designing Firm
Homelane is an India-based home interior company that offers bespoke interior design services to customers. With more than 21000 projects delivered across the country, they come with huge experience in helping customers build their dream homes. Homelane offers personalized design services to all its customers in a pocket-friendly and predictable manner.
Migrated their monolithic infrastructure to AWS EKS microservices
Ensured overall application health and quick resolution to issues
Leveraged Hawk to capture anomalies in the Homelane's agile environment
TO THE NEW provided product engineering services to Homelane and installed microservices architecture-controlled application workflow through prominent AWS EKS to set up an automated deployment process.
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To enhance the deployment process by making it more agile and error-free
data center
To achieve zero application downtime with minimum anomaly
MSP practices
To ensure overall product health and provide a quick resolution to issues
The Solution
TO THE NEW performed a comprehensive evaluation of the existing monolithic application and devised a strategy to refactor it into microservices using AWS EKS. This initiative led to notable enhancements in the reliability and scalability of Homelane's application.
AWS Cloud infrastructure
Implemented microservices architecture with AWS EKS for controlled application workflow
migrate data
Set up Argocd and Github for agile and error-free deployments
Managed services
Enabled 24x7 proactive Managed Services Support to monitor infrastructure health
cost savings
Captured anomalies, ensured infrastructure availability, and monitored critical services in Homelane's agile environment
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW successfully implemented microservices architecture which helped Homelane achieve several business benefits, including improved application performance, faster time-to-market, and reduced cost.

Attained exceptional scalability and availability for the application

Improved reliability and security of the application through regular audits

Simplified and streamlined security audit processes through Hawk