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Hydrogen is the world's first no-code embedded finance company that is on a mission to help businesses of any size build and offer financial services to their existing customers with ease. Hydrogen offers a fast, modular, and a light no-code platform that cuts the complexity of building a fintech app or a financial service product at the same time ensuring regulatory compliance.
Leveraged REST APIs to create an uncomplicated customer experience which reflected the essence of their brand promise
Provided 24x7 Managed Services Support for their mission critical business infrastructure
Crafted integrations and functionalities necessary to mitigate potential security vulnerabilities and enhance their security posture
TO THE NEW worked as the premier digital engineering partner for Hydrogen and helped them keep their digital infrastructure secure, and highly available with low latency which was critical for their mission and purpose.
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Mitigating potential security vulnerabilities & fostering a self-healing environment
data center
Enabling product management of their platform core Hydrogen Atom through essential integrations and functionality
MSP practices
Streamlining the deployment and resource tagging process with automation
The Solution
TO THE NEW automated the deployment process and resource tagging for Hydrogen and aided them in building their alerting and monitoring environment.
Audited infrastructure
Audited existing infrastructure against AWS best practices
Selenium testing
Created pipeline for new API services and implemented Selenium testing
deployment process
Automated the deployment process and resource tagging
Set up a proactive approach to monitoring by enabling daily/weekly checks for critical component
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW successfully implemented a support function for Hydrogen and empowered them to detect & fix hardware & software issues.

Optimized and reduced the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their cloud infrastructure by making unused resources easily identifiable

Reduced security risks and mitigated potential security vulnerabilities to improve infrastructure performance

Automated deployment process and resource tagging with proactive monitoring & alerting for the business