India | Government of India
Invest India is the National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency for the Government of India. Invest India is the advisor, guide, and facilitator to every investor looking to make a home in India.
Designed & built a disruptive web portal using Drupal 8
Increased user engagement by developing AI chatbot ‘Satya’
Reduced average response time of queries by providing an interactive FAQ section
TO THE NEW was responsible for designing and building a web platform for Invest India to empower investors with the required information to help translate potential business interest into action.
New call-to-action
multiple platforms
To equip investors with the right information through an online platform
digital technology
To replace the primary channel for query submission from email & calls
digital technology
To support 24x7 query resolution support with faster response time
digital technology
To promote foreign investment and ease of doing business in India
The Solution
TO THE NEW was engaged in building a web platform to help Invest India support investors in multiple ways.
Built a web content platform to provide personalized & tailored experience to investors
Implemented a scalable & secure platform to enable potential investors make faster decisions
designand developed
Implemented ‘Satya’, an AI Chatbot to answer all the investor queries without human intervention
Logically Segregated
Logically segregated content as per incoming investor’s interests for easy identification of investable avenues
New call-to-action
Value Delivered
TO THE NEW has been successful in expanding Invest India reach and providing all content resources an investor would need.

Expanded Invest India website to 4000+ pages, catering to 4.6Mn visitors so far

The Business Immunity platform received 3.3Mn+ visitors with 2,282 published content pieces

Reduced average response time for investor query resolution to 1.3 hrs from few days in 2 years

Increased user engagement with real-time responses by building chatbot ‘Satya’