USA | Consumer Technology
JadooTV is a consumer technology and services company based in the Silicon Valley, committed to delivering Live and On-Demand content to viewers via its proprietary Internet-based set-top box (STB).
Developed smart TV applications for 7 platforms like Tizen, Android TV, Apple TV and others
Built capabilities to stream live & video-on-demand content with features like EPG grid, Fuzzy search & Catchup
Reused the Smart TV code base to support JadooTV set top box applications
TO THE NEW was responsible for conceptualizing, designing, developing and testing Smart TV applications for JadooTV on 7 different platforms to help them reach out to millions of digital native and smartphone users.
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To build engaging and intuitive Smart TV applications for digital natives and smartphone users across USA, Middle east and South asia
To expand JadooTV platform’s reach by building smart TV and mobile OTT applications with enhanced content discovery
The Solution
Developed custom applications for platforms namely Samsung, LG, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, other mobile and tablets platforms
Incorporated platform-specific functions in TV apps for an enhanced experience like in-app search, program guide, favourite list, multilingual content and more
Built capability to cast videos from mobile to Smart TV with content rights protection feature
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW successfully built custom Smart TV and Mobile applications for JadooTV across 7 different platforms.

Expanded the JadooTV’s reach to Smart TV users with native applications presence across platforms

Enabled seamless access to movies, videos, songs and Live TV across different Smart TV & Mobile platforms

Improved data driven product decision making by deeply integrating analytics across platforms and devices