Lakeshore Learning Materials is one of the most innovative manufacturers of educational materials in the country. Specializing in top-quality products for the home and classroom, Lakeshore Learning Material is a thriving multi-channel organization with a robust web business, multiple catalogs for early learning and elementary programs, 60 store locations, plus a sales force that is second to none.

Created a comprehensive framework for data gathering, analysis, and reporting
Revolutionized data handling & decision-making with a Business Intelligence solution
Delivering data-driven insights into crucial trends and metrics

TO THE NEW provided Lakeshore Learning Materials with a tailored Business Intelligence (BI) solution helping them revolutionize their data handling, reporting, and decision-making processes.

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Data Architecture

To extract data from diverse sources

analyze data

To query & analyze data and provide actionable insights

Data Quality

To transition data sources from SQL server to Redshift


TO THE NEW equipped Lakeshore with data-driven reports for informed decisions, uncovering industry trends.

Gathering data

Gathered data from various sources and databases

cross-functional teams

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define data requirements and deliver insights

Creating dashboards

Created dashboards supporting stakeholders across different teams

post-deployment support

Provided post-deployment support and handled ad-hoc data analysis requests

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Value Delivered

TO THE NEW delivered Lakeshore Learning Materials a customized BI solution, transforming data management, reporting, and migration.

Enabled various stakeholders to extract valuable business insights and make data-driven decisions

Developed reports, dashboards, and data models revealing valuable sales trends

Enabled multi-channel success for Lakeshore in delivering top-quality educational materials