USA | Investment Management
Leading investment management organization headquartered in the US.
Laid out the new data flow system with all checks and balances to tackle Marketo API complexities
Built a robust exception handling mechanism alongside a daily fallback alert system
TO THE NEW took an technology ownership and redesigned the client’s MAP, CRM and other downstream platforms' connection architecture and developed an OTT platform to ensure data compliance.
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To meet the compliance requirement for Marketo’s - MSD default sync mechanism
To set up real-time data updates regardless of the size and complexity of the data
The Solution
Defined a layer of REST APIs to connect MSD (Microsoft Dynamics) and Marketo on a real-time sync basis
Built a Parent-Child relationship-based list sync mechanism, where the list is created in CRM and it will flow to Marketo
Eased the flow local and global opt-out people into all linked applications
Removed all data anomalies from the Data Warehouse Platform thus enhancing the PowerBi reports
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Value Delivered
Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, like, Marketo, PHP, MSD (Microsoft Dynamic), MySQL Database, ECS - Custom Oracle-based platform, TO THE NEW built an exceptionally well exception handling system that could acknowledge Marketo’s limitations.

Synced huge dataset on a real-time basis, despite the huge payload size, resolving the data flow issues

Reduced number of daily API calls from 350000 to 80000, helping save huge costs