India & UK  | Tax Advisory & Consultancy
A leading tax advisory, assurance and consulting firm, providing its services to more than 200,000 clients worldwide.
Delivered a higly scalable ASP capable of processing 3Mn records simultaneously
Drastically reduced prepration, filing and reconciliation time of GST filings
Conducted a CMS migration to AEM6.5 for a seamless user experience
TO THE NEW built a scalable and robust GST filing platform used by the client's customers for GST fIling and reconciliation. TTN also worked to revamp client’s websites across 100+ geographies, to deliver a better user experience with AEM Development and Maintenance services.
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To remove bottlenecks in the Application Service Provider(ASP) solution for faster GST data reconciliation
Provide superior customer experience to website visitors in 100+ geographies
The Solution
TO THE NEW built an infrastructure agnostic, scalable and robust solution for the client. Conducted AEM 6.5 migration with cross-browser and cross-platform website responsiveness.
On-Cloud and On-Premise data centers while having a comprehensive testing process
Real-time, reactive and performant UI, to provide view and update of data to many concurrent connected users
Delivered a scalable and robust multi-tenant solution for GST filings
Integration, implementation and management of Adobe Analytics on websites
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Value Delivered
The customer got a comprehensive revamp of user experience on its websites in 100+ territories and got a platform with improved management of tax compliance processes.

Reduction in time to prepare and file GST returns & reduction in reconciliations time by 2-3 man-days/user

GST ASP capable of handling data processing of over 3Mn records concurrently

CMS Migrated from AEM 6.2 to 6.5 with complex authentication and authorization system

Migration of the entire website while including around 12,000 content assets