India | Document Infrastructure Platform
Leegality is a SaaS Platform that allows Indian businesses digitally transform their paperwork processes in a fast, easy, and compliant process. Through Leegality, businesses can deploy capabilities like eSign, Digital Stamping, Doc Operations, Secure Storage, Automation, and more through one unified implementation.
Migrated Leegality's monolithic architecture to AWS microservices
Reduced deployment time on application
Continuous 24x7 service monitoring
TO THE NEW helped Leegality to achieve high infrastructure availability with swift page loading time and improved security features.
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enable on-demand
To enable on-demand resource scaling for efficient provisioning and cost savings
implement CI/CD
To implement CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins
architecture deployment process
To automate the overall architecture deployment process
better consumer experience
To ensure overall product health and a better consumer experience
TO THE NEW successfully migrated Leegality’s complete suite of infrastructure and applications from EC2 instances to AWS microservice architecture with zero downtime.
optimized AWS solutions
Provided optimized AWS solutions to set up Leegality's infrastructure
Web Application Firewall
Implemented overall product health check using WAF(Web Application Firewall)
request monitoring
Provided 24x7 service & request monitoring
Automated the infrastructure with Terraform & CloudFormation
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW leveraged it's deep expertise in the DevOps and MSP domain to provide a solution for manual deployment and traditional architecture running on EC2.

Achieved 99.99 % infrastructure availability with swift request processing time.

Optimized application performance with accelerated feature releases.

Streamlined deployment process, reducing deployment time from hours to minutes.