Lido Labs is a US-based digital marketing firm that offers advertising, lead generation, and cost-per-impression campaigns. Lido Labs implements tactical messaging and develops creative imagery to tell a story, connecting its family of brands with captivating audiences.

Upgrading its AWS infrastructure framework and recommendations
Implemented continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines
Streamlined day-to-day operations, including incident tracking, service requests, and SLA compliance

TO THE NEW helped Lido Labs upgrade its entire AWS cloud infrastructure and provided monitoring, alerting, and security support with expertise in Cloud MSP.

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Infrastructure Security

To improve security, reliability, and availability of enterprise cloud infrastructure

Migration and Cloud

To implement CI/CD best practices to automate the deployment process

On-Prem Cloud

To address the challenge of an expired reserved instance to save cloud costs


TO THE NEW conducted a thorough assessment of Lido Labs' AWS infrastructure and devised a step-by-step execution plan with an expert MSP (Managed Service Providers) team.

Implemented CI/CD

Implemented CI/CD on Gitlab that improved deployment speed and enabled faster rollback

Reverse proxy

Set up a reverse proxy to consolidate all websites under a single domain

Moving database

Moved the database from a single-tier architecture to Amazon RDS

24*7 assistance

Provided 24*7 monitoring, alerting, and management for AWS cloud infrastructure

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Value Delivered

TO THE NEW leveraged its deep expertise of cloud-managed service providers to build and manage a highly scalable, secured, and reliable AWS cloud infrastructure for Lido Labs. Some of the values delivered are:

Successfully delivered cloud cost optimization by reducing cloud cost by USD 1200/month

Improved security, performance, and availability of applications, websites, and other computing resources

Implemented systematic alerting and 24X7 monitoring of the infrastructure