Lido Labs is a US-based organization that applies their deep level of digital marketing expertise to the family of brands that embodies its vision. Lido Labs (Lido) owns and operates various real estate, career, safety training, and pet brands. Lido also owns its full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping other companies like the Lido vision grow their businesses. Since its birth, Lido’s digital ecosystem and market strategy have delivered palpable results with a lasting impact.

Upgrading its AWS infrastructure framework and recommendations
Implementing continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines
24*7 monitoring & alerting for AWS cloud infrastructure

TO THE NEW helped Lido Labs upgrade its entire AWS cloud infrastructure and provided monitoring, alerting, and security support with expertise in Cloud MSP.

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Infrastructure Security

To build and manage a highly scalable, secured, and reliable AWS infrastructure

Migration and Cloud

To reduce manual efforts by automating the deployment process on the AWS cloud

On-Prem Cloud

To implement multiple VPN and intracloud network connectivities


TO THE NEW's MSP and DevOps expertise helped Lido Labs achieve significant improvements in their AWS infrastructure performance, security, and cost efficiency. Some of the key solutions provided are:

cross-region infrastructure

Created a cloud landing zone architecture and migrated cross-region infrastructure

Cloud Infra

Maintained and administered market-standard AWS Cloud infrastructure services

Monitoring Alert for AWS

Provided 24*7 monitoring, alerting, and management for AWS cloud infrastructure

Data security

Reduced security risks and improved application performance

Value Delivered

TO THE NEW leveraged its deep expertise of cloud Managed Service Providers to build and manage a highly scalable, secured, and reliable AWS cloud infrastructure for IndiGo Airlines. Some of the values delivered are:

Successfully delivered cloud cost optimization by reducing overall cost by 25%

Timely implementation of periodic security patches

Seamlessly tracking and management of crew members' attendance, rosters, other details, etc