Middle East
Car rental

Lumi provides car rental and leasing solutions to individuals, corporate clients, and government departments. It is a car rental business of the Seera Group formerly known as Al Tayyar Travel Group, which is one of the largest travel groups in the Middle East region.

Modernized Lumi's operations by creating a digital ecosystem of mobile and web apps
Integrated IoT-based rental models with Lumi's traditional rental approach
Improved customer experience by streamlining fleet reservations, reducing branch wait times

TO THE NEW assisted Lumi in expanding its sales channels via mobile apps and establishing a digital ecosystem for its business venture.

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mobile and web apps

To replace manual processes with a mobile app for efficient fleet reservation

Wait times

To minimize customer wait times at branches or counter

real-time management

To enable real-time management of dynamic data through Drupal CMS


TO THE NEW applied its extensive expertise in mobile and web app development to assist Lumi throughout the entire journey, from conceptualization to execution.

OS and Android

Developed native iOS and Android apps for fleet reservation


Utilized Drupal CMS for efficient content management and curation


Employed a scalable and secure microservices architecture


Integrated third-party suppliers for extended functionality

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Value Delivered

TO THE NEW modernized and optimized Lumi's business offerings for efficiency, customer engagement, and operational excellence in the digital age.

Improved user experience by simplifying reservation details selection

Enabled real-time dynamic data management through Drupal CMS

Provided visibility into available fleet options, facilitating informed rental decisions