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The Ministry of Education (MoE) of India is responsible for implementing the National Policy on Education and plays a significant role in building a strong foundation in education for an all round development of the citizens
Planned & executed 18+ campaigns for MoE & Union Education Minister
Launched Bharat Padhe Online for improving eLearning, got an organic reach of 162.8Mn
Increased followers on Twitter for MoE from 1.75Mn to 3.5Mn
TO THE NEW was responsible for devising a robust content marketing & social media strategy for the Ministry of Education, India to reach out to their target audience, which was mainly students, parents, teachers, education boards, colleges, universities and media & government stakeholders.
New call-to-action
multiple platforms
To increase awareness about new/existing schemes of MoE among the Target Audience
digital technology
To increase audience engagement across 7 social media channels with increased word-of-mouth
The Solution
TO THE NEW utilized its deep expertise in Digital marketing to design and launch campaigns for the Ministry of Education.
Devised a robust content marketing strategy for the entire funnel along the MoE content pillars - testimonials, impact stories, policies & schemes, events and critical announcements
Designed and built a new Social media marketing strategy by identifying the right channels, relevant social media trends and introduced newer formats based on audience response
Planned & launched various engagement & awareness campaigns like Bharat Padhe Online which was launched to gather ideas to improve online education in India
Handled Online Reputation Management & reporting for MoE & Hon’ble Union Education Minister
New call-to-action
Value Delivered
TO THE NEW successfully launched and managed many campaigns to increase the digital presence of the Ministry of Education.

Managed 7 social media channels and created & published 210 monthly unique content posts with an engagement rate of 4%

Increased follower base on Twitter for the Union Education Minister from 1.35K to 1Mn+

In first 3 days received 3.7K+ ideas with Bharat Padhe Online campaign which got an overall organic reach of 162.8Mn