India | E-commerce
Nykaa is India’s biggest online store for beauty and wellness products. With 1,000+ brands, 500,000+ products, and delivery across India, the brand is a one-stop-shop for consumers, offering a comprehensive selection of beauty, grooming, wellness, luxury, and fashion products.
Drasticaly reduced AWS infrastructure cost
Implemented One-click rollback and deployment with zero downtime
Reduced deployment time and increased deployment frequency
TO THE NEW worked with Nykaa to reduce their AWS spends while retaining scalability and flexibility and dynamically helping Nykaa scale with any change in website traffic.
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Reduce deployment time for faster time-to market
Automate delivery pipeline
Optimize AWS infrastructure cost
The Solution
TO THE NEW worked to provide faster time-to-market and drive scalability by using CI/CD to automate Nykaa's delivery pipeline while also optimizing Cloud spendings.
Infrastructure control and provisioning in accordance with the industry standards
Migrated from monolithic framework to microservices
Docker and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) to build highly scalable environments that leverage spot instances and auto-scaling
Audited existing infrastructure against AWS best practices and implemented configuration management tool, CI/CD pipelines and security automation
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW helped Nykaa by completely managing their cloud infrastructure with industry standard deployment procedures and used a host of AWS services to optimise cloud spends without compromising on scalability

Reduced AWS bills by 50% in 4 months from $135K to $70K

Reduced time to provision and deploy new services from 90 min. to 10 min.

Provided support during major sales with 20X the daily business