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Perkbox is a global benefits and rewards platform. They enable you to easily manage your company benefits all in one place and eliminate the bureaucracy of finding local suppliers in each location with global benefits and rewards offering
Enhanced Perkbox’s AWS infrastructure to handle the seasonal spikes in Cloud usage
Implemented our in-house product Cloudkeeper to automate the cloud infrastructure spend
TO THE NEW has helped Perkbox to utilize their AWS infrastructure more efficiently by providing a clear understanding of AWS Cloud cost saving methods.
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Develop OTT
Customize the server type according to the application. This helped to remove unused resources which weren’t needed for the application.
Autoscale the servers as and when there was an increase in demand
Provide a holistic view of their AWS spends
TO THE NEW thoroughly understood Perkbox’s AWS architecture and implemented Cloud cost savings strategies.
Migrated to Pay-per-use model to reduce their database management costs
Downgraded/Removed unwanted or underutilized resources
Reduced cost storage by moving data to Amazon Glacier
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW helped Perkbox to manage it’s Cloud infrastructure seamlessly during its phase of seasonal growth in demand.

Reduced the database management cost by 75%.

Achieved a 30% reduction in the overall AWS costs for Perkbox.

Provided a holistic AWS spend analysis report with the help of our in-house solution- CK Lens