RateCity | Financial Services
Based out of Australia, RateCity is a leading financial research company that compares a wide range of financial products and services.
Built a highly engaging application with a seamless user-experience
Real-time insights on various financial products and services
Reduced page load time and increased performance & scalability
TO THE NEW revamped the existing application of RateCity and built an advanced and highly scalable application to provide real-time data-driven insights from various financial products and services.
New call-to-action
multiple platforms
To upgrade Ratecity’s existing application for superior performance with real-time data-driven insights
digital technology
To enhance the user experience on Ratecity’s application to increase the user engagement
Key Features
Enabled users to find and compare the best interest rates prevailing in the market
Allowed users to make potential investment decisions
Created an easy to use application that provides high-end deals instantly
Enabled white-label creation from third-party companies
New call-to-action
Technical Excellence
TO THE NEW rebuilt the application for RateCity using Node.js and React for improved performance and engagement

Implemented ElasticSearch to improve search performance and decrease page load time

Implemented Keystone.js to enable white labeling of the content

Followed Agile development model to facilitate shortest turnaround time