IT Solutions

USA Based, Scripta Insights is a healthcare IT and data analytics company. Scripta Insights offer solutions and insights to Employers, Consultants, TPAs, Health Plans and Members, delivering significant, and immediate savings to payers.

Delivered data-driven insights on pharmacy benefit costs for clients
Implemented ETL workflows and created a Snowflake Data Warehouse for data preparation
Developed over 70 custom Tableau dashboards for improved visualization and analytics

TO THE NEW delivered user-friendly reports to Scripta Insights for diverse stakeholders, providing data-driven insights into crucial trends and metrics.

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streamline raw data

To streamline raw data processing with ETL workflows

scalable data models

To design and develop optimized and scalable data models in MySQL

Tableau dashboards

To develop customer-specific branded Tableau dashboards for better visualization


TO THE NEW leveraged its deep expertise of business intelligence and helped Scripta Insights:

migrated legacy customer app

Seamlessly migrated legacy customer app to Java-based app

 create a comprehensive data

Aggregated data from diverse sources to create a comprehensive data repository

data models in MySQL

Designed sustainable data models in MySQL for long-term storage

Snowflake for Tableau

Created data sources using Snowflake for Tableau Dashboards

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Value Delivered

TO THE NEW helped Scripta Insights with an enhanced portal performance, ensuring scalability while streamlining customer onboarding.

Improved portal performance and scalability, streamlined customer onboarding

Reduced process times from 1 hour to 92 seconds, enhancing user experience

Enabled scalability for data volumes up to 40 times larger than previous capacity