UAE | Travel & Tourism
The Seera Group is one of the largest hospitality, travel, and tourism companies in Dubai, UAE with a prominent local, regional, and international presence.
Made possible access to data-rich reports for the Seera leadership
Improved data quality with a centralized Data Lake
Setup data orchestration, advanced analytics, and reporting
TO THE NEW built a common Analytics Interface to serve as a single source of truth for showcasing the enterprise’s performance statistics at the corporate and business unit level.
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To prevent data leakages and collate data from multiple sources and geographies
Ease decision making for the leadership by providing a single source of data
The Solution
TO THE NEW worked to set up and automate the Data Lake platform in a distributed agile environment with teams located in 3 different geographies. Handled end-to-end development of the platform including front-end, back-end, automated testing, cloud infrastructure, and DevOps.
Built a state of art Data Management & Analytics Platform(DMAP), an automated Data Lake infrastructure
big data
Worked in a distributed agile environment with teams located in 3 different geographies and handled end-to-end development of the platform
Creation and Access-Control of multi-dimensional reporting dashboards across various metrics
Created a Reporting & Dashboarding Portal with open-source BI stack
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Value Delivered
With the Data Lake implementation using Scrum and Agile practices, we enabled Corporate and Business Unit heads to view meaningful reports using a single dashboard and ease decision making for the customer.

Improved the accuracy of business reports by more than 90%

Automated data pipelines with robust data quality & data validation mechanisms

Integrated centralized Data Lake with SAP and Salesforce