Software development

Siprocal (formerly Column6) is a first of its kind, next-gen gaming distribution, monetization, and engagement platform leveraging premier, direct audience access and insight.

Migrated Siprocal's complete infrastructure to AWS, including ETL systems and databases
Streamlined deployment phases for efficient cloud migration
Migrated 2 petabytes of data without any downtime or data loss

TO THE NEW worked as the premier cloud migration partner for Siprocal and helped migrate their complete infrastructure to AWS with zero downtime and data loss.

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Data Quality

To address Siprocal's data center challenges, including upgrades and maintenance

Stability and performance

To improve the stability and performance of Siprocal's infrastructure

Security and Audit

To ensure maximum uptime with robust security measures and audit trails


TO THE NEW collaborated with Siprocal to devise a comprehensive migration plan, landing-zone setup, and operational models.

AWS cloud

Created a landing zone in AWS for Siprocal's infrastructure

Data migration

Treated AWS as a parallel data center, ensuring zero impact on end customers during migration

Data and Archive

Leveraged Amazon S3 for cost-effective data storage and archiving

AWS data center

Created private network connectivity between the data center and AWS Network using AWS Direct Connect

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Value Delivered

TO THE NEW successfully migrated Siprocal’s 2 petabytes of data to the AWS cloud, ensuring maximum uptime with enhanced security controls.

Modernized infrastructure with improved performance, reliability, and scalability

Ensured zero downtime and loss of data

Enhanced security and compliance