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Founded in 2014, Sky Racing World is an exclusive supplier of Australian and international online horse racing content to licensed wagering operators throughout the Americas and certain European countries.
Developed OTT applications for iOS, iPad, Apple TV, and Android mobile & tablet
Custom CMS to control data across applications from a single platform
24x7 monitoring of infrastructure and support for over 50,000 active users
TO THE NEW worked with Sky Racing, to build an OTT platform ‘Sky Racing Active’ for their live and on-demand racing content for its audience.
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younger generation
Cater to the younger generation through OTT to expand the user base
Provide extensive content around live races to encourage wagering
media devices
Build digital presence by providing content on most of the media devices available in the market
The Solution
TO THE NEW implemented an OTT platform with cross-platform UX design keeping the best practices in mind. TTN helped Sky Racing to provide content on most of the media devices available in the market.
Designed and developed a comprehensive and light-weight OTT platform
Leveraged our expertise in UX to develop an engaging design and provide extensive statistics to the user to help in wagering
Defined a digital roadmap for the launch of the OTT platform on media devices, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, and other Smart TVs, like LG, Samsung, Foxtel, and Roku
Built a personalized recommendation engine based on user profiles and also curated an auto and personalized playlist for users based on favorites
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW helped Sky Racing to develop an OTT platform to build a digital presence for the brand, expanded the customer base, and provided extensive content around live racing to encourage wagering.

150,000 downloads in 18 months

Catering to over 50,000 active users