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Stitcher is a media company headquartered in New York that specializes in the creation, distribution, and monetization of podcasts. The platform also provides ad sales and distribution services to 300+ shows. Stitcher is also home to one of the largest podcast communities, giving listeners access to thousands of podcasts.
Modernized the legacy app with new-age features and infrastructure on Android, iOS, & Web
Enabled a complete revamp of the entire user experience on Stitcher
Zero-downtime deployments on the production environment, resulting in cost-effectiveness
TO THE NEW has become a trusted technology partner for Stitcher, engaging with the team on Application Development, Mobility, and DevOps.
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multiple platforms
Increase new downloads of the Stitcher app on Android and iOS
new features
Add new-age features to the Stitcher application
multiple platforms
Enhance the overall performance of the Stitcher app
The Solution
TO THE NEW in collaboration with Stitcher helped revamp the entire user experience landscape. The TTN team helped develop new features which showed podcasts based on genres and interests to its audience.
Completely revamped the player, controls, settings, and player queue, Android Auto and Alexa were also integrated into the app as part of this revamp
Migrated the entire code base from Java to Kotlin leading to a crisp, safer and minimal crash UX
designand developed
Separate sections of content discovery based on genre & categories and a personalized “My Podcast” section was made to provide end-users with more shows to explore
Migrated the media services API to Exo Player for improving the player functionality and enhanced the overall podcast listening experience
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW successfully revamped the entire Stitcher app for Web, Android, and iOS; significantly enhancing the app performance. Some of the key business outcomes for Stitcher were:

5.6Mn users have been onboarded , 69% on the web, 27% on iOS, 5% on android

246K daily active users on the new Stitcher platform with 99.9% crash free users across Android & iOS

Zero-downtime deployments on the production environment, resulting in cost-effectiveness

99.99% uptime for Stitcher infrastructure including Database access, network availability and compute resources on AWS Cloud