India | E-Commerce
Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL), is a professionally managed fully integrated electronic retailer of jewelry and lifestyle products. VGL has access to over 100 million households in markets across the globe.
Developed Smart TV & Mobile applications for 8 different platforms
Built one of it’s kind TV commerce platform enabling users to buy products directly from the TV app
Implemented Virtual try on of jewelries in Mobile apps using Virtual reality concept
TO THE NEW was responsible for creating Smart TV & Mobile Applications for Vaibhav Global for 8 different platforms to better market to the digital native users.
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To reach out to modern, new-age digital natives by creating easily accessible smart TV applications with live auction streaming and purchase options
To increase market penetration by extending the existing digital products for web and mobile to Smart TV applications across Apple TV, Android TV and other platforms
Technical Excellence
Architected multi flavoured code to support two unique app’s user experience with same source code
Integrated the functionality of payments in TV apps and facilitated purchase through normal order process, fast buy or installments
Deep integration of analytics in the platforms to get business insights for data driven product decision making
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW conceptualized, designed, and developed Smart TV & Mobile applications for Vaibhav Global on 8 different platforms to help them reach out to millions of digital natives and second screen customers and market their products through live streaming on Smart TVs.

Significantly increased the modern, digital native user base & enabled them to purchase from live auctions

Expanded the digital jewelry selling business to 6 different Smart TV platforms and 2 mobile platforms

Enabled users to virtually try jewelries before making the actual purchase through mobile app