India | Media & Entertainment
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is one of India’s leading television, media and entertainment companies with an extensive library housing over 1.2 lac+ hours of television Content.
Published & packaged more than 1.5Mn videos on all Zee’s channels
Maintained an exceptional TAT of 45 mins for publishing 450+ videos daily
Increased user engagement by optimizing and packaging the content on YouTube
TO THE NEW served as the Digital Packaging & Fulfilment Partner and streamlined the workflow for managing & delivering Zee TV shows
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multiple platforms
To create a one-stop solution for video editing, metadata, imagery, and publishing
digital technology
To optimize the engagement & discoverability of the content published
The Solution
Published, packaged, monetized & optimized content for 450+ videos daily for 12 channels
Created multiple creative renditions of the videos to optimize the engagement on digital platforms
Deployed a dedicated in-house team to create localized content with 24*7 support
Ensured content publishing & packaging as per the metadata, platform, and conformance guidelines
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Value Delivered
TO THE NEW’s team successfully managed seamless content delivery, consumption & monetization for 450+ videos daily for ZeeTV with an exceptional TAT of 45 mins and 24*7 support.

Followed Zee TV’s strict security guidelines and deployed a team at their office

Grew Zee TV’s Youtube subscribers to 35Mn through optimization strategies