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24 / Nov / 2016 by kinshuk jhala 0 comments

Our development team always strives to contribute to the community in various ways including speaking at conferences, hosting conferences, developing plugins to extend functionalities and so on.

In this blog, we outline all the plugins that our development team has contributed towards MEAN stack:

Javascript (MEAN Stack) Plugins

1. Ical-parser – An NPM module on “Ical parsing” which is Asynchronous ical to JSON parser Know more about this Plugin

2. Setcronjob – This module provides calls to the SetCronJob API for Nodejs. Setcronjob module provides you with a feature to set online schedulers for your application. This schedulers can call any api or task on on your server corresponding to different time settings. You can retrieve your daily log with respective execution results and enable and disable schedulers easily. Know more about this Plugin

3. Node-twitter-api – This is an open source twitter module with an added video support. Know more about this Plugin

4. Angular-js-seed – This project is based on angular 1.x concept and is a useful utility for angular application development. The seed contains a sample AngularJS application and is pre-configured to install the Angular framework and a bunch of development and testing tools for instant web development. Know more about this Plugin

5. File-share – This plugin enables to share directory and files on http server. Know more about this Plugin

6. Syncup – This module provides node.js wrapper around Synup API. Synup is used to track thousands of business profiles and monitor millions of interactions for providing businesses with key insights and automated marketing. Know more about this Plugin

7. Multer-cloudinary – This is a simple multer storage engine which directly uploads image to cloudinary. Know more about this Plugin

8. Good-callbackA hapi.js good reporter implementation which provides callback with the list of events. Know more about this Plugin

9. Open data – This is a library for fetching opendata from Know more about this Plugin

10. View stack – This plugin is Angular Multiview stack component. Know more about this Plugin


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