Why Design Build Review Should be a Part of Product Development!

16 / Feb / 2016 by Ravi Ranjan 2 comments

To simplify complications is the first essential of success!

These are the quotes said by George Earle Buckle!  George was a famous English Editor & Biographer. In this article, We are trying to understand the importance of Product’s Design Build Review from a  designer’s perspective. Before we jump to any conclusion, Lets try to understand the mechanism of UX & Visual designing first.

Its very important to start with a great User Interface design and Content for product for survival, Specially for a Mobile / Web application. User interactions, Accessible Navigation, Soothing Color Scheme, Easy Taps/Clicks, Typography, Minimalist Design etc. all add up to a very good user experience. However, we have to take care that, design solution could be different depending upon the various domains.

Lets take up an quick example of Minimalist Design. ‘Periscope‘ which is a live streaming application, Minimalist might work out beautifully for this app. Also the target audience is mostly from US & Europe. Other hand for a application providing solution in field of ‘Classified & Advertising’ like ‘Quikr‘. Minimalist design won’t be a  very good idea for this. Its mainly because Quikr need to show lot of information to its user, and had multiple level of categories. Target audience is also mainly India as of now. Having said these points, product engineering is dependent on the multiple factors.

Comparison of different design styles!

A good user experience is presented after great amount of efforts put up by UX / Visual Designers working simultaneously. As per the requirements different skill sets of designers are taken in use accordingly.

Some of the prominent tasks names that can be mentioned specially in UX & VD domain, shared in the infographic below:


Moving ahead, Lets say a great UI design is crafted by designers and developers done his part of Coding, QA done his testing stuff automation/manual etc etc. However, before going Live with product, final design must be reviewed by an expert Designer. Much greater if its done by the designer involved from very initial stage of project. Most of the time this process is skipped or loosely followed, and therefore discrepancies between the conceptualized design and the final product happens. Certain gestures might not work as visualized by the designer. For example “Fonts style not matching, Colors are different, Taps are not looking good, Inconsistencies in spacing between blocks and so on.

Design Build Review! this is the word, and role of a designer, specially visual designer’s is very very important here. He must providing that much needed assistence to the developer in design implementation for smooth transitions. This is a collaborative effort and at an organization level, this must be done by designer and developers mutually.

Also the onus is on the product development teams also to encourage this and make this as important part of the overall development cycle. Like Design, Coding, QA this should be a equally important tasks at any organization level.

However, Common thoughts that may cross a designer’s mind after reading above paragraphs are like:

  • What could be the solution for such a problem?
  • Its not my job, I am done with design stuff? Developers and Testers should take care of the same.
  • What’s is QA’s doing then?

Be cool, this is for your own good gentlemen. As a designer you are the one who spent huge amount of time & efforts in finalizing the design, placing contents, choosing colors, defining gestures, dozens of design iterations etc. This is one of those last moments efforts which can surely cross you over the winning line. Do it happily and share constant feedback for your developer pals in project and if possible try to sign-off the final release from your side only.

When you will see the perfectly integrated & functional product as you visualized during design. There will a great sense of satisfaction for yourself.

Have a happy Design Build Reviews Gentlemen.


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