Fortis Healthcare Limited, is a leading integrated healthcare services provider in India. As one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country, Fortis is committed to delivering quality healthcare services and information to its diverse customer base.

Modernize its data architecture with a focus on data modeling
Revamped Fortis Healthcare's complete website with effective UX & SEO friendly structure
Implemented Global Search Engine in the application utilizing Azure ElasticSearch

TO THE NEW helped Fortis Healthcare to redesign and revamp its mobile-first responsive website, enhancing the user experience and catering to the evolving digital landscape.

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Data Architecture

To modernize the data architecture, more potential customers

Reduce load time

To reduce page load time and enhance the response time of the website

Device Testing

To deliver a mobile-first responsive experience


TO THE NEW elevated Fortis Hospital’s online presence. The engagement resulted in a better search ratio and a complete digital revamp.

Responsive experience

Delivered an improved responsive experience for the user

Global search engine

Implemented Global Search Engine in the application utilizing Azure ElasticSearch

On page SEO

Managed SEO optimization and restructured website to boost traffic & sales


Implemented caching at the CDN level to store the frequently accessed content

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Value Delivered

TO THE NEW collaborated with Fortis to deliver an enhanced user experience with increased efficiency and performance. The collaborative efforts resulted in substantial value delivery-

Implemented mobile-first responsive UI, intuitive navigation, and multilingual support

Fortis reached the top 3 in major healthcare-related search categories /keywords

Improved website performance by reducing page load time by 50%