Entertainment Providers

TO THE NEW has evolved into a prime partner choice in the areas of Product Engineering, starting from wagering to lotteries, telecasting live races (Sky Racing), and Max line of business at Tabcorp, a leading wagering and entertainment company. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and expertise, TO THE NEW helped Tabcorp enhance its customer experience, streamline operations, and drive business growth.

Updated and enhanced existing features for a better user experience
Implemented multiple initiatives to onboard new betting experience
Reduced development speed due to single code base handling approach

TO THE NEW leveraged its deep expertise to enhance interactive, cross-platform applications for Tabcorp.

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Web Testing

To update and enhance existing features for better User Experience

New user experience

To onboard new betting experiences and enhance user experience

Reduce time to market

To accelerate the release of new features and reduce time to market


With a strong focus on delivering exceptional user experiences, Tabcorp sought to revolutionize its wagering services through digital transformation.

Design & Develop

Designed and developed Tabcorp’s digital assets with modern UI components


Build Infra as a code(DevOps) and Engineering (AWS Cloud) process optimization

various device experience

Ensured seamless user experiences across various devices and platforms

Migration test and Process

Automated the release management process, migrations, and tests

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Value Delivered

TO THE NEW enabled Tabcorp to drive innovation and deliver exceptional wagering services in a rapidly evolving industry.

Introduced new betting types for events to improve user engagement

Achieved a 45% reduction in mobile testing effort through Appium framework implementation

Increased development speed by 160% due to a single code base handling for iOS and Android