Akhilesh Dubey

Akhilesh is a Software Engineer with many years of experience in Android app development. He is hard-working, quick-learner and innovative developer. He has experience in a variety of applications including Video, Music, E-Commerce, Automobiles and Banking, as well as extensive experience in Java. He is a self-motivated and techno freak guy who loves to step up to new challenges. He loves to play Table Tennis when not sitting in front of his laptop.

Android, Mobility

Shared Preferences in Android

Shared Preferences in Android Android Prefereces provide a way to store user and application data in device. It stores primitive data including String objects in key-value pairs. There are several ways to store data in android: Preferences(Shared and User): Store private primitive data in key-value pairs. Internal Storage: ...



SQLite Locking and Transaction Handling in Android

SQLite locking concept comes when we access database from multiple threads. What things should we keep in our mind while designing the database in android, let's see. firstly we create a helper class which extends SQLiteHelper class: [code language="java"] public class DatabaseHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper { ... } [/code] Now...