Vikash Jha


Install LAMP Stack Using Cloud Formation

AWS Cloud formation  is a service used to create and manage a collection of other AWS services. This service is used to automate the infrastructure setup and deployment.In this article, we will be launching a LAMP Stack Instance using Cloud Formation. For this we are using Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (PV) - ami-9a7724c8 (64-bit) ...



Deploy ASP.NET application on Amazon EC2

This article is a step by step guide to deploy an ASP.NET MVC application by using Web Deploy on IIS server, running on  Amazon EC2 Windows server. Step 1: Launch Instance Once you have logged in to AWS console, Go to EC2 -> Instances, then launch instances and select Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Base and follow the...



Tag Snapshot using Backup_Monkey

In continuation with my previous article EBS Snapshot using Backup_Monkey, we have discussed one issue associated with BackUp Monkey utility. The issue was that it use's "BACKUP_MONKEY" prefix and tag the snapshot with this prefix. As you can see in the Description, BACKUP_MONKEY prefix is used. So this create's a redundancy while...



EBS Snapshot using Backup_Monkey

Getting EBS Snapshot with BackUp Monkey [ a python utility ] Backup_Monkey : It's a command line utility written in python that uses boto library. Purpose : To create snapshot of all the Elastic Block Storage volume's (EBS). Automatically detects the volume in the region and take the backup. It is especially designed...



VIM: All you need to know about it

Vim is an extremely practicable text editor which allows efficient text editing. It is considered as one of the most handy tools for programmers, allowing them to edit configure files and sometimes also considered as IDE. Though, it not just limited to editing configuring files, it also allows a user to edit text files and write emails...