TO THE NEW helps businesses from security threats, data loss, and downtime to maintain business continuity. With extensive experience in public Cloud infrastructure, our team works 24*7 to monitor and manage your applications and infrastructure to ensure great user experience
Managed Services Suite
Comprehensive managed services suite covering AWS, Azure, Linux, and a host of other technologies
Key Highlights
We keep your business up and running
Issue TypeResponse SLAResolution SLA
P0 (Critical)
The outage of a critical application impacting all users
15 mins4 hrs
P1 (High)
Degradation in performance of a critical application or outage of a non-critical application impacting majority of users
30 mins8 hrs
P2 (Medium)
Degradation in the performance of a non-critical application
60 mins16 hrs
P3 (Low)
Bugs or workflow errors which are not show stoppers and impact very limited users
120 mins24 hrs
We provide complete transparency
  • dedicated-console


    We offer a dedicated console with a view of all the tickets reported by the customer’s organization

  • phone-channel-integration

    Phone Channel 

    We automatically log a ticket whenever a customer calls our helpdesk numbers

  • Knowledge Base


    We provide a detailed Knowledge base & FAQs to all of our customers for preemptive query resolution

  • Migration execution & optimization

    & Feedbacks

    We regularly conduct Customer Satisfaction surveys and use their valuable feedback for continuous improvement

Manage the health of your IT infrastructure

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Our AWS Partnership
TO THE NEW has 10+ years of experience on AWS Cloud, with 80+ AWS Certified Architects and 600+ AWS Accredited Engineers on our team TO THE NEW is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, which is the highest tier of AWS partnership with certified competencies
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  • A comprehensive MSP on Microsoft Azure

    Infra Management | Cost Optimization | Security | DevOps | 24X7 Support

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Tools & Technologies

Infra Monitoring
Application Monitoring
Log Management

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