Abhishek Tejpaul

I am Abhishek Tejpaul, an open-source and Agile enthusiast. working in Technology Division at TO THE NEW. Please go through my posts below.


Vi Editor

I will try my best to give you some tips to make Vi look more interesting and easy to use for all you guys. I have read few articles and tutorials about Vi and will try to summarize some key points here. First things, first : WHAT IS Vi? Vi is NOT just an editor. It has evolved to be something more than just a plain text-editor with...



Creating image thumbnails through Grails ImageTools plugin

In one of the projects recently, we had to generate the thumbnails dynamically from the client-provided images. We decided to use the Grails plugin named: ImageTools. This is a very basic plugin but provided very quick and stable solution to our use-case. You can read more about the plugin and how to install it here . We decided to...