Ankit Arora

I am a Technical Lead working on designing highly scalable fault-tolerant Java/Spring MVC based web applications and highly available business critical applications. Having a vast experience in developing applications across varied domains including but not limited to Telecom and Mainframes. Major interest towards IoT and related domains I extends my knowledge application towards building of a better tomorrow. I love travelling and driving, exploring interesting places.

Java, Software development

Why should you adopt Spring Framework?

Spring is an open source framework for Java platform that provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing robust Java applications. Spring Framework is essentially a skeleton that offers a solid foundation upon which an application can be built.This skeleton structure guides and helps developers throughout the application...


Java, Software development

Enabling Spring With Plugins

Writing a code to integrate MQTT functionality in my Spring application development made me think, am I not doing this over and over again. Having been involved in different IoT applications and numerous other domains, MQTT became an essential part of almost all the applications that I prepared. This is just one example of such a case,...