Arpit Jain


Getting started with Leaflet maps

Leaflet is a open source Javascript library that can be used to create interactive maps. It comes with all mapping features that most of us need in any project like adding markers,  popups, vector layers, zooming, selecting lat-lng of a place and much more. In this blog, we will learn how to get started with Leaflet maps and we...


Grails, Java

Image Scaling With imgscalr – Java Image Scaling Library

imgscalr is a simple and efficient image scaling library implemented purely in java and provides a handful of operations for image manipulation. This library can be useful in creating thumbnail or preview images of various sizes from larger uploaded images or performing basic image manipulation operation, incuding scaling, cropping,...


Grails, Java

HTML to PDF using PhantomJs and Grails

Converting an html or web page into a pdf is never easy and you might face similar problem in your project as well. There is  a solution that works out of the box for this problem and all you need is installing PhantomJs on your system and calling it from your Grails or Java code. Just follow below steps one by one and you are...