Dipti Narang

Dipti has over 9 years of experience in designing and enhancing high performance Java web applications in Content Management Systems. She has 3+ years of experience in AEM technology and completely understands third party integrations with AEM. She has an in-depth experience in content modelling, content migration, search and connector implementations. Her other areas of interests are reading fiction and non-fiction books, travelling to off-beat destinations, exploring different Content Management Systems and interacting with new people.


How to Upgrade Existing Code Base to Latest AEM Version?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an Enterprise Web Content Management System which is used in high impact environments hosting voluminous pages and serving many users.It also involves integration with custom applications and customization of existing AEM features. Because of these complexities, the upgradations of AEM from one version to...



Top 6 Translation Features in AEM 6.2

There are few out-of-the-box Translation features in AEM which are used for overall translation management and specifically for translation connector implementation. The base foundation of these features were already laid down with the release of AEM 6.1 however the enhancements in AEM 6.2 have made the implementation and the entire...



How To Implement a Translation Connector in AEM?

The purpose of a Translation Connector in any Content Management System (CMS) is to automate content transmission between CMS and Translation Service Providers making it quicker and cost-effective. Such integration is required when there is a need to maintain multiple languages in CMS. Similarly, for projects in Adobe Experience Manager...