Rishabh Dixit

Node.js, Technology

WebSockets in Node.js

About WebSocket WebSocket is a protocol that provides full duplex communication i.e allows communication in both directions simultaneously. In this two way communication between web browser and server, both of them can send messages to one another at any point of time until the connection is open. Once all the data gets transferred,...



Getting familiar with Sitemaps

About Sitemap Sitemap is an XML file that include URLs of a website and their basic information like last updated, how often it changes and how much important it is as compared to other URLs by giving its priority. Purpose of Sitemap The information listed in Sitemap.xml file is used by the search engines to decide efficiently which...



Sharing content using META tags

Meta Tags Meta tags in HTML documents provide metadata/information about a web page, or the content it contains. They must be declared within head section of the web page only. They are used to specify page description, keywords (for search purposes), author information or any other metadata giving additional information about the...



Handlebars : A step ahead

In the previous blog on Handlebars, we learnt the basic concept of handlebars and how to use them in your web applications. Now we will extend our knowledge, a bit more and see how we can use and create helper methods in handlebars to have more flexibility on data. Predefined/Built-in Helper methods: There are a number of built in...