Roni C. Thomas

Senior Software Engineer at To The New Digital - Technology Services


Using “srcset”: Responsive inline images

Hi guys, With the advent of "retina" screens in our day-to-day life, usage of high resolution images has not only increased, but has also become a necessity to shed the shabby look of your website. For those who don't know, "retina" display is a marketing term that was introduced by Apple and is used to refer to their line of products...


Application Security, Grails

Spring Security & Grails: Cross domain authentication from HTTP to HTTPS

We were trying to implement SSL-based login and registration (i.e. HTTPS) in an e-commerce web application which was otherwise using the non-secure protocol (i.e. HTTP) for the entire website. Instead of moving the entire web application to SSL, which would have increased response times, we thought it would be best if only the...



WordPress Signatures: Adding signatures to your blog posts

The number of blogs on our website have seen a significant rise in the recent times and it became somewhat of a necessity to have the functionality of adding user-specific signatures akin to email signatures. It eliminated the process of individually adding signatures to each blog post allowing authors to skip the signature part. ...



An Introduction to Machine Learning

"Machine Learning" - the phrase itself creates a sense of excitement for anyone who has even remotely tried experimenting with making machines "learn" from their past experiences and automatically correct themselves if they are going wrong. The thought itself is so intriguing that not only technologists, but even the film industry has...



Toggling foreign key checks in MySQL

Recently in my project, we needed to import database dumps of a legacy database in MySQL, which was involved in a nested relationship where one tuple could be the parent record of another tuple. We created the appropriate domain structure and checked that the foreign key references were created accordingly. All well and good. So we...



Grails: Get table name mapped to a domain

Hi guys, Recently while working on a project, I needed to get the table names associated with a particular domain as I needed to perform complex join operations on a particular table. The database that my team was working on was a legacy database. The domains that were created were mapped to particular tables to provide backward...



Batch update performance enhancements using SQL withBatch()

Hi guys, Recently as part of a project, I had to populate a SQLite database with large amounts of data pertaining to a number of classes requiring more than 5000 inserts and updates per class. I created a new SQLite database using Groovy's Sql class. The initial strategy involved creating prepared statements and executing individual...



Grails: Dynamically create instance of a POGO class

Hi guys, Recently on a project, I was creating a number of command objects to accept incoming parameters from a POST call from an iPhone with which I needed to sync data. I created a parent class for all command object classes to accept the common properties and created individual command object classes to accept any additional...



Star Rating Made Easy

Hey guys. Since this is my first blog, i don't even know that the subject I'm going to write on is even bloggable. But here I go. As part of my responsibility in a recent project, I was asked to implement a taglib that could allow a user to rate his likeness for a movie using a rating scale that could use customised images for the...