Shakti Singh Rathore

AWS, Cloud

Evolution of Managed Services in Cloud

Traditionally every managed services team consisted of different team members with different skill sets, performing multiple roles for e.g. DC Ops/Administrators: Responsible for providing Hands & Eye Support in data centers for Server/Storage etc. Network Admins: Responsible for installing and managing Network Devices like...


Agile, DevOps

DevOps Culture: Why CTO’s Should Care?

DevOps is not just a buzzword in the IT industry. Most organizations today are using IT-enabled innovations and using information technology to stay competitive in the industry. Every organization irrespective of their size and type knows the importance of agility in IT systems and managing cost effectively. The organizations are...


Application Security, Cloud

Top 10 Security Recommendations for Online Businesses

Recently, cyber attacks have been on a rise, and it appears that every other day due to these attacks, businesses are being held to pay ransom to protect themselves or go out of business. There are businesses who have shut shop and then there are businesses which have paid ransom to secure themselves, however that doesn’t guarantee...


Application Security, AWS

Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices More and more organizations today realize how important it is to manage security of their websites and applications on cloud or on-premise datacenters. Organizations are rapidly adopting Hybrid Cloud models in which managing security is of paramount importance. In order to cater to rapidly changing business...