Shiva Gaur

Digital Marketing

Building the Analytics-Driven Content Strategy: How to Use Insights to Fuel the Process

In today’s competitive landscape, around 4.4 million blogs are published every day across different platforms. However, only a small percentage of this content can engage the audience and drive conversions. Most content marketers still rely on assumptions and hypothetical data to build their content marketing strategy. However, it's...


B2B, Digital Marketing

Marketing Attribution: The Secret Sauce to Making True Data-Driven Decisions

Today, marketers rely heavily on multiple channels and all sorts of marketing techniques to engage with customers, carry out marketing campaigns, customize customer's journeys along each step, and increase clicks, visits, and conversions. While this brings excellent engagement opportunities for marketers, it also poses some unique...


Digital Marketing

5 Best Practices For a Well-oiled Content Repurposing Machinery

B2B content marketing is one of the significant ways to generate demand, convert leads, and increase sales. Around 50% of organizations say that connecting with customers through insightful content is a top factor driving their success. However, many still lack efficient processes for managing and scaling that content. With fewer industry...