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Lack of long term visibility is often a big challenge in the optimization of cloud spend management. We help our customers with cost optimization & cloud spend management with “guaranteed savings”. We provide 100% coverage of RIs while providing the flexibility of on-demand instances
Our Value Proposition
Being a Premier Consulting & Authorised Reselling Partner of AWS, we manage AWS billing for 100+ our customers. Our Cloud Spend Management services help them with better monitoring and cost optimization
A Sample Comparison Chart
Evaluation ParameterTTN Cloud Spend ManagementStandard ReservationsConvertible ReservationsEC2 Savings PlanCompute Savings Plan
Average Savings in comparison to "on-demand" cost22%30%22%30%22%
Commitment tenureNone1 year1 year1 year1 year
Servers covered under reserved pricing / savings plan100%VariesVariesVariesVaries
Risk of paying for unused reservations / savings plan commitmentNoneHighMediumMediumLow
Flexibility to change operating systemcorrectcrosscorrect

* Manual Work

Flexibility to change regioncorrectcrosscrosscrosscorrect
Flexibility to change Instance Familycorrectcrosscorrectcrosscorrect
Flexibility to change Instance Sizecorrectcorrect

* Restrictions

Ability to save on instances running only during peak or business hourscorrectcrosscrosscrosscross
Quarterly audit & recommendationscorrectcrosscrosscrosscross
Support for bill related queriesSPOC for all kind of queries (Phone, Email, Ticket)Standard AWS Support
Primarily for billing adjustments
(Credits, refunds, key abuse, change in taxation etc.)

Optimize your AWS Cloud spend with guaranteed savings!

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  • Our Cloud Spend Management customers get free access to our proprietary platform "MyCloud", an intuitive dashboard with a hawk-eye view of complete cloud infrastructure showcasing monthly usage trends & forecasts, with up to 24 months of historical data readily available for your reference.
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Our AWS Partnership
We have 10+ years of experience on AWS Cloud, with 80+ AWS certified Architects and 300+ AWS accredited Engineers. TO THE NEW is an “AWS Premier Consulting Partner”, which is the highest tier of AWS partnership with certified competencies


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View our AWS Public Support Statement here.
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Do you also have these queries?

  • Q1. What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

    Instantaneous - since there is no upfront payment and you start saving from Day 1.
  • Q2. Is the savings guaranteed? Is it on my entire AWS bill?

    Yes, the discount is 100% guaranteed. After reviewing 3 months of your recent AWS bills, we will provide you with a firm guaranteed discount %. The guaranteed savings is on all your EC2 & RDS instance costs (not on peripheral services like EBS Volumes, Data Transfer, Snapshots, etc.).
  • Q3. Is my AWS Account secure at TTN?

    Yes - we won't have any kind of access to your account including the root credentials, PEM files, or passwords to access any kind of data residing in your account/servers.
  • Q4. What is the process to move our AWS Account Billing to TTN?

    It just involves transferring your billing ownership to us (which is only a couple of clicks). AWS raises a consolidated invoice to us (TTN) and we raise individual invoices to each of our customers as resellers.

  • Q5. How does the pricing work if we want to commit to an instance type for a year?

    You need not commit any servers because you are already getting billed at reserved like pricing for 100% of your servers.
  • Q6. Are the discounts applicable across servers?

    Servers that are spun only during peak traffic (auto-scaled) or only business hours cannot be reserved. We apply the same discount on those servers.