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Understanding syntax and creating patterns | Cypher Query Language

Cypher Query Language or CQL is the language to traverse and update graph structures in Neo4J. The language is similar to SQL and provides a declarative syntax for querying. However, it is worth mentioning that unlike SQL in which one needs to provide the complete procedure how to get records by defining joins etc. CQL's language...



Adaptive Video Streaming and HLS file structure

Ever wondered how those multiple resolutions of videos are available on youtube or some other website when you have uploaded only a single file. Well, the process is called 'video transcoding or video encoding'. Describing it in layman's terms 'Video encoding is the process of converting a video from one format to another format so that...



Up and Running with Neo4J

 Neo4J is a NoSQL database that stores information in the form of a huge property graphs where tuples/rows (nodes) are connected to each other with relationships (edges) both of which can have variable number of properties associated with them. Traversing data in the form of graphs implies that we can explore highly connected...