Anuradha Ishwaran

Anuradha is a marketing specialist with many years of experience in B2B marketing for technology services. She is an experienced professional who has worked across diverse platforms and disciplines of communication including media relations, social media, events, content development, internal communications and brand marketing. She also has significant exposure to demand generation, inside sales and channel sales in technology space. Anuradha is an avid reader and passionate about market research. She is committed to ongoing learning and strives for overall improvements and performance. She likes being creative and loves painting when not sitting in front of her laptop.


What is Docker and Why You Must Use It?

Running your software application on different environments can become very tricky. The behavior of your application on the test, staging and production environments may not be the same as you would expect. In fact, you cannot run the application in datacenters in a similar way as you run on the cloud. Every environment can be unique,...


Mobility, Technology

Augmented Reality based Mobile Applications – The Future of Mobile Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is the next big thing in the world of mobile technology in which the users will be able to experience the real world with computer-generated data overlaid on it. In augmented reality, the sensory feelings of what we see, hear, and smell are enriched to a great extent that it blurs the line between what exists in the...



10 Powerful Node.js Frameworks for Web Application Development

Node.js powers your web application and is increasingly gaining popularity and adoption in the enterprise sector because it allows you to build large-scale, real-time, end to end scalable web applications with JavaScript. The Node.js ecosystem comprises of various frameworks such as MVC, full-stack, REST API and generators that help you...