Anuradha Ishwaran

Anuradha is a marketing specialist with many years of experience in B2B marketing for technology services. She is an experienced professional who has worked across diverse platforms and disciplines of communication including media relations, social media, events, content development, internal communications and brand marketing. She also has significant exposure to demand generation, inside sales and channel sales in technology space. Anuradha is an avid reader and passionate about market research. She is committed to ongoing learning and strives for overall improvements and performance. She likes being creative and loves painting when not sitting in front of her laptop.

Big Data, Technology

4 Emerging Solutions to Unlock the Value of Your Unstructured Data

The digital data is growing at an astounding rate, outpacing our ability to analyze it. With the proliferation of smartphones, network connectivity, smart devices, and IoT, the variety and volume of both structured and unstructured data have grown manifold, turning big data into bigger and bigger data. A study by IDC echoes that “By...


Cloud, DevOps

[Infographic] 6 Powerful AWS Services to Boost your Cloud Performance

With over a decade into the market, AWS continues to dominate the public cloud infrastructure space by a sizable margin. Most companies have migrated to AWS with a clear mindset to reap the benefits of cloud services such as increased agility, improved efficiency, accelerated development and cost efficiency. However, many businesses still...


Android, iOS

5 Advantages of Developing a Cross-platform Mobile App and Some of its Popular Tools

Digital revolution is advancing at a rapid pace redefining the future of industries, society, and economy as a whole. Emerging technologies and engaging mobile apps are significantly changing the way we work and live today. Mobility is becoming an integral part of every application and digital product of most organizations. Enterprises...


AWS, Technology

Accelerate your Cloud Performance using these 6 Uncommon AWS Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the trailblazer in the cloud computing market since 2006 with its IaaS and PaaS offerings. It currently owns a lion’s share in the public cloud computing market ahead of other competitors like IBM, Microsoft, and Google; and continues to grow its offerings with continuous innovation. In the recent...


Agile, DevOps

8 Best Practices of Continuous Integration To Supercharge Your Software Development Team

The software development teams have immensely benefited by adopting iterative and incremental development practices over old-fashioned and traditional software development approach. Today, more and more companies are embracing Agile methodologies to allow the development teams to respond quickly to stakeholders’ feedback and provide...



Cloud DVR – A New Wave In The Next Generation TV Services

The TV industry has witnessed a phenomenal transition from the industrial age to the current digital age. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets have boosted the consumption of videos. Today, people are increasingly leveraging the power of Internet to consume videos anytime, anywhere and on any device. The substantial changes in the...



5 Compelling Features Of An OTT Platform That Content Owners Should Know

OTT or Over-The-Top (OTT) global market is growing at a rapid pace and has become a turning point in the TV and broadcasting industry. OTT has given a significant competition to the traditional cable providers. The digital disruption brought about by OTT has changed the dynamics of the television business, making it completely...


Node.js, Technology

5 Benefits of Social Media Integration and the Ways to Achieve It

Social media plays a vital role in connecting brands with consumers in the current internet era. Thousands of mid to large size organizations are leveraging social media to attract visitors, build their brand and grow the audience to drive sales. With a vast ecosystem comprising of multiple social media channels, it becomes quite a...


Front End Development, Technology

Top 10 HTML Development Best Practices

A visually pleasing website is the heart of any business. A good website doesn't just help in creating top of the mind recall, but also help in increasing the brand awareness and generating qualified leads. Out of the plethora of languages, HTML has been one of the most prominent languages used globally. A clean and well-commended...


AngularJS, Automation Testing

Why Use Protractor for End-to-End Testing of AngularJS Applications?

Automation of testing frameworks helps you improve the quality, speed, and accuracy of the testing processes. The strategy to adopt test automation should clearly define when to opt for automation, its scope and selection of the right kind of tools for execution. AngularJS framework is rapidly gaining momentum as it can quickly launch...



[INFOGRAPHICS] 10 key features to be excited about Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is a fast and widely used enterprise web CMS across the globe. It is flexible and packed with out-of-the-box features that help you manage and deliver web content across various channels and devices efficiently. It has over 200 new built-in features that can be used to streamline work and achieve incredible digital experiences. ...


Agile, Testing

5 Benefits of Software Testing in an Agile Environment

5 Benefits of Software Testing in an Agile Environment In today's fast-growing world of the Internet, customers demand faster implementation and update on their software products. Software companies are working in parallel on their products or applications to fix bugs in released versions and release new versions with new features. In...