Anurag Singh

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Usability Testing for Smart TV – Quick Tips and Considerations

Usability is the degree of user-friendliness of any application. Hence, the primary focus of usability testing is to understand the way real users interact with a product and possible solutions to improve its design. However, when it comes to usability in Smart TV Apps, the focus branches into multiple aspects such as focus handling,...


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Best Practices in Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing is a crucial and time-consuming task as it exposes the flaws of the app and unique challenges. The results of a good mobile app testing enable you to deliver a high-quality app that provides a great mobile experience to your customers. However, in this fast-paced market, mobile app testing poses quite a lot of...


Manual Testing, Mobility

Testing Mobile games

Testing  Mobile Games Games are available on number of devices such as computers, mobile handsets, TV etc. In this post, I am going to focus on testing the software games that runs on a smart phones. Planning of testing the game: When we plan to test a software application, we tend to think about the types of testing required....


Connected TV, Manual Testing

Samsung Smart TV (2014 Series) Apps Testing

Defining the process for testing the Smart TV Apps: Whenever we talk about testing of Smart TV apps first thing comes in our mind how to define process for testing the smart TV Apps and what approach we can follow for testing the TV apps. So, before we start the testing of Samsung smart TV Apps we need to know that testing of Smart...