Samsung Smart TV (2014 Series) Apps Testing

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Defining the process for testing the Smart TV Apps:

Whenever we talk about testing of Smart TV apps first thing comes in our mind how to define process for testing the smart TV Apps and what approach we can follow for testing the TV apps.

So, before we start the testing of Samsung smart TV Apps we need to know that testing of Smart TV app is more laborious than development, in short developing high performance apps for Smart TV requires a focus on QA.

Taking a comprehensive approach when testing is always important when focusing on QA.

Here are some tips for testing Smart TV apps:

  • Keep ALL issues logged in a centralized place.
  • Use decent version control to track fixes with builds.
  • Don’t assume the emulator will be 100% consistent, Try to test the apps on Real time device only (i.e. On TV)
  • Expect poor performance and focus on optimization once problems have been solved
  • Be friendly with TV before start testing on it. So that, while using the device for testing there will be no problem.

What is Samsung Smart TV (Also, known as connected TV or hybrid TV)?

  • Samsung Smart TV is a platform that integrates Internet and web features in TVs and set-top boxes.
  • Smart TV is a TV which provides the television content over internet instead of using traditional systems like cable connection. , it allow us to access a range of online services including video on demand, social networking and instant messaging.
  • The applications which is used in Smart TV is Smart TV apps.

TV apps can be controlled by

  • Remote control
  • Mouse
  • Gestures
  • Voice

Installation of Build in Samsung Smart TV

Installation of build in Samsung Smart TV can be done by using two ways:

  • Through USB (e.g. Pen drive)
  • Through SDK

Installation of build in Samsung Smart TV (2014) model using USB


Copy the unzip folder of your project in USB root folder.

In TV:

  1. Now Power on the TV.
  2. Press Smart Hub button.
  3. Go in Samsung apps Section.
  4. Now connect the USB in the TV
  5. Your application will get shown in 1-2 seconds in MY apps Section.

Installation of build Through SDK in Samsung Smart TV (2014) model

  1. To install build through SDK, You can logon as develop (e.g. user “develop”, password “000000”) by clicking the menu button and then select Smart Hub and in there Samsung Account menu on your remote.
  2. After you logged on as develop you can press the smart hub button on your remote.
  3. Go to my app’s list and on one of the installed apps hold the enter button down for a few seconds.
  4. Another window will pop up giving you the option to add the IP address. Enter the IP Address by which you want to sync.
  5. Afterwards hold the enter button down to go in the options again and choose “Start User app sync”.
  6. There will pop up a new window which says “user apps sync is requested”
  7. After a few seconds the app will be installed on your TV.

Deleting an Application

Sometimes, user applications on TV can have errors or must be deleted for some other reason. To delete a user application:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable and start the Samsung Smart TV
  • Login with “develop” ID
  • Choose the user application that you want to delete and long press the Enter button

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