Arushi Shukla

Application Security, Product Engineering

XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Blog Series I Blog 1: Overview, Vulnerabilities and Types of Attacks

Have you witnessed a scenario where a trusted site gets injected with a malicious script attack? Well, commonly people refer this as a "'Cross Site Scripting' attack. The XSS scripts injected into a site can leak out sensitive data and information including cookies, session tokens, and auth tokens. The vulnerability of the XSS attack is...



Relative Fonts (The Liquid State)

In context of web pages,HTML and CSS, “font-size” is a very basic property, which defines the size or height of text on web browser. It is certainly not a point of discussion, but the “Liquid state” of it definitely is! What is a Relative Font: As defined above it is the fluid state of a font. Before understanding this ,...



Transition – Know the Effect!

This is all about the timing of your perception. We know how to paint a webpage, let’s add some magic to it and we have the wand called “Transition”. See The Magic Take a box with some initial parameters ,add a background-color(say red) and change the background-color on hover(say green, or any of your favorite!). <div...