Harsh Behl

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Why Choose Drupal Over Other CMSs?

Why Drupal? A primary question that comes to our mind before stepping ahead for development is how to choose the best suited CMS for the website from a variety of available CMS? Now, it depends on the requirements, if the website is a blog related website, you will definitely think of WordPress and if the website is E-commerce...


Drupal, Technology

How to Give Back to Drupal Community

Let's start with answering why most of companies/developers do not contribute? We all might know real problems, but I believe the most important is the awareness. In 2008 Dries wrote a blog Contributing back to Drupal for inviting new ideas to increase companies participation. Not sure how many could adapt into the culture of...


Drupal, Technology

How to change theme by Role in Drupal 8.x

How to change theme by Role in Drupal 8.x Even before I start, I would like to shed some light on what are Themes in Drupal. A theme is a bunch of files that defines the presentation layer. There are many contributed themes in Drupal project that can be found under ‘Themes’. For a programmer, there are 2 kinds of themes -...