Mansi Arora

Mansi has 3.5+ experience in Groovy N Grails. She is a very impressive Techie. She always looks for perfection in her work which is accompanied by her sharp, acute and intellectual knowledge. She is very vivacious and benevolent person and can be characterized by quickness and ease in learning.


GR8Conf IN is back!

After the successful GR8Conf IN 2016, we are proud to host GR8Conf IN 2017, India's biggest developer conference dedicated to the Grails and Groovy community. Like last year, we have received country-wide registration from developers/evangelists/technologists from Groovy and Java ecosystem. GR8Conf IN 2017 is a 2-day event starting...



How to use D3 with React components?

D3 (Data Driven Documents) is a JS library that helps us build visualizations. It binds arbitrary data to a DOM, where the data-driven transformations can be applied to the document. It works well by mutating the DOM element, usually a root node that was placed in the HTML. You call .append ('span') and it inserts a...



Creating customized line chart using d3.js

D3 (Data-Driven Documents) is a JavaScript library to create custom visualizations. It combines powerful visualization and interaction techniques with a data-driven approach to DOM manipulation, giving you the full capabilities of modern browsers and the freedom to design the right visual interface for your data. D3.js graphs are for...


Grails, Technology

GR8ConfIN 2016 – For the GR8 developers in town RECAP

It was indeed an amazing GR8Conf IN 2016 with more than 200 participants, marvelous line-up of speakers and fully packed parallel sessions at The Lalit, New Delhi. This year the conference was sponsored by OCI, which is the new home for Grails. The entire conference was also live streamed by #fame with more than 4000 viewers across the...



Using pipeline in DataTables

jQuery DataTables is simple to use as a jQuery plug-in with a huge range of customizable options. As discussed in a previous blog, we already know how to draw a basic paginated html table using DataTables. Another way is to make an ajax call for every page. This causes multiple requests to be made on your server for every dataset. ...



Generate PDF for Google Charts through Javascript

In a previous blog, we learned, how to draw a google chart. Let's say, I have 5 graphs on my page and I want to generate a PDF which contains these graphs using a JavaScript. For that, we will use jsPDF plugin. Step 1. Create a hidden empty DIV, to store graph-images: [java] <div id='graph-images'...



Vertical Labels with Google Chart API

While working with Google charts, we usually face issues with long labels on the horizontal axis. The chart displays well, however the X-axis labels are not completely visible and displays the numbers like this: 24/3.. 25/3.. 26/3.. 27/3.. 28/3.. 30/3.. 31/3.. instead of 24/3/2006, 25/3/2006, 6/3/2006, 27/3/2006, 28/3/2006,...



Uploading a file using only Ajax

We often need to upload a file without refreshing page or even before user submits the complete form. We have been using flash uploaders or i-frames to achieve that. However now it is possible to upload a file using only ajax and javascript. The first thing we need is a HTML form that will allow the user to select the file that they...



Facebook Oauth for fetching page token

OAuth is a secure mechanism to access facebook. To access facebook in your grails application you need to create a facebook app, go to, click on Apps dropdown, further click on 'Create a new App'. Ensure that you register the URL of you application with the Facebook app you have setup. Save your...