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Create Partial View in MVC in Asp.Net and integrate as a reusable component in Umbraco CMS.

What is Partial View in MVC: - Partial view is same as a user control in Web Form application in Asp.Net .So it can be reused with in multiple views in MVC. Partial Views are special views which render a portion of View content. Step by step process to implement partial views in MVC in and integrate with Umbraco CMS in...



Enable Transaction in WCF

Transaction in WCF is a set of operations or logical unit of work comprising of activities. Here, if a single operation fails, then all operation fails automatically. We will follow these steps for enable transaction in WCF : Step 1:- Add  Transactions namespace in  WCF Service project. Using System.Transaction;   Step...



Integrate Twitter API in

Introduction In this Blog I will explain how to integrate Twitter API with C# Before Going to start twitter API integration we should do following steps: - You should have twitter account. 1) Authorize your account in twitter and open,create new app button 2) Provide application...


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Youtube API(V3) to fetch all videos on a Channel in ASP.NET

This Blog explains how to retrieve  a specific user's playlists of videos. This  does not require any user authorization. YouTube is widely used in our life.  Because simplicity and ease of use, YouTube has become the most popular video sharing and one of the most popular websites in the world. Some YouTube API allows us to get the...



How to get output from Sql server as a jSON String ?

We can convert tabular format to xml using sql query in sql server database ,but if we want to convert in json format  from database ,then we can face problem because database does not support  native JSON integration. There is a way through which we can generate output in json format by following these steps:- 1.Convert tabular...